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Friday, October 23, 2009

Biennial Manifesto

A twenty-first-century biennial will utilize calculated uncertainty and conscious incompleteness to produce a catalyst for invigorating change whilst always producing the harvest of the quiet eye.” –Cedric Price

„New biennials should invent new exhibition formats. The current multiplication of biennials means that rather than copying the formats of other biennials, the challenge is to provide new spaces and new temporalities. It is urgent to generate a situation that is receptive to interesting, more complex spaces combining the large and the small, the old and the new, accelerating and deceleration, noise and silence.” –Hans Ulrich Obrist


„..a new start is likely to take place beyond the European continent.“ –Daniel Birnbaum


(All from Flash Art October 2009)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Call for proposals

MONGOLIA 360° 1st Land Art Biennial       Open Call 2010

Questions like sustainability, the perspective of ecology in the 21st century and a new vision of diversity require a creative understanding. In order to develop a new chapter in Land Art and following the nomadic idea of the Walking Museum the Land Art Biennial in Mongolia was founded to be located in variously areas of Mongolia. In August 2010 with MONGOLIA 360° the 1st international Mongolian Land Art Biennial will be take place in the very special location of BAGA GAZRIIN CHULUU Gobi.

The Biennial will discuss a contemporary definition of what Land Art can reveal about the “today’s questions”.

Twenty international artists together with Mongolian artists will be invited for a work residency. During the residency artists have the opportunity to realize site specific works. Artists are suggested to use natural materials of the area but as well any materials and artistic expressions are welcome (installation/performance/earth art/organic art/sculpture etc.) 

A final exhibition including a catalogue and a Symposium will present a documentation of the realized works in the National Mongolian Modern Art Gallery in Ulaanbaatar.

Interested artists are asked to submit applications by the following way:


-            Personal information, contact address, email

-            Current CV

-            Documentation of work, up to 10 jpgs  (not more than 1mb each)

-            General statement by the artist on their work practice.

-            Typed 1 page proposal on approach to residency


Artists who  apply should send a clear proposal including their work plan. Incompletely applications will not be considered.


 Invited artists will be hosted in Ger Camps. They will be supported with full accommodation during their stay in the Gobi desert. However, artists will be responsible for their own return transportation costs to Mongolia. If necessary, artists must apply for travel grants through their national art councils.

 The open call is published on the 1st October. Deadline for submissions is the 15th November 2009. Final selections will be published during December 2009.  


Send email submissions to:        proposal(at)


The Land Art Biennial Organizing Committee, C.A.S. and DUBTSUN Mongolia.