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Sunday, September 20, 2009

R.A. Suri has been nominated as the curator for Land Art Mongolia 2010

The Shanghai based curator R.A. Suri has been nominated to curate the Land Art Biennial Mongolia 2010. Working for this project we soon came to experience and understood that it was absolutely necessary to find  Asian experienced specialists. Mr. R.A. Suri,  has kindly accepted to be one of these specialists and the main curator. 

Working together in this way  we came, of course, to appreciate his knowledge of Asian artists and his personal involvement in organizing important artistic events. As well, he brings a capacity to link this experience to a larger point of view, helping us to find the way to present the Art works without betraying their cultural context, yet in reference to Occidental modes of artistic expression, as Mr. R. Suri has developed contacts with many international artists and poets from across Europe. 

So, for us it is evident that Mr. Rajath Suri is the “right man” to be called on for all artistic projects which aim to construct this manner of international relation and intercultural exchange. 

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