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Monday, April 18, 2016

LAND ART MONGOLIA has migrated to

Dear Follower,

Land Art Mongolia has migrated. Please visit our website for updated news and information about the Biennial: 

Thursday, September 24, 2015

cancellation of curatorial nomination - 4th edition of LAM 2016

Land Art Mongolia announces that with immediate effect 
the nomination of Basak Senova as chief curator for the upcoming Biennial has been cancelled.

The management of the Biennial was forced to take this regrettable step after incompatibilities in the communication with the curator have become apparent precluding the policy and the self-understanding of LAM.

This step was amicably concluded and will be respected by both sides in mutual agreement. It offers the possibility for LAM to realign for the continuous preparatory work until summer 2016.

IAPA award | Auckland Art Gallery | New Zeeland

The exhibition Cities in a Climate of Change brings together the best public art projects selected by the jury for the International Award for Public Art. The display acts as a laboratory for fresh thinking by providing evidence of diverse public art projects from around the world. Proudly hosted by New Zealand’s leading art institution, the Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tāmaki, the exhibition Cities in a Climate of Change will offer insight into the award’s 32 semi-finalist projects.


LAM at Venice Biennial

On 9 May 2015, UNESCO Venice Office hosted the Land Art Mongolia/LAM 360° preview at its premises in Palazzo Zorzi during the opening day of 56th Venice Biennial.

Palazzo Zorzi

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sunday, November 10, 2013

3rd Land Art Biennial - CALL FOR PROPOSALS

Land Art Mongolia / LAM 360° focuses on Land Art as one possible form of spatial and outdoor visualization of the relations between nature, culture, and social practices. It promotes freedom of expression in joining people and institutions from all sectors of Mongolian society by meshing their respective backgrounds and perspectives through collaborations of local, regional and international scope. By doing so LAM 360° would like to incite an advanced discourse on cultural and social policy which will take up aspects of environmental and social sustainability. A strong emphasis on the most vulnerable sectors of society in Mongolia will be put in a broader perspective of cultural change in Central Asia.

To put it in more abstract and less site-specific terms, looking at relationships between men and animals evokes questions regarding ethics, politics and power, but also subjectivity. ”Becoming-animal”, a concept of Deleuze and Guattari, means a process and a method. "To become", writes Deleuze, "is not to attain a form (identification, imitation, Mimesis) but to find the zone of proximity indiscernibility, or indifferentiation where one can no longer be distinguished from a woman, an animal, or a molecule - neither imprecise nor general, but unforeseen and non-preexistent, singularized out of a population rather than determined in a form".

The third edition of Land Art Mongolia / LAM 360°, taking place in August 2014 in the  Orkhon valley nature reserve, will be guided by the theme “men & animals”. Sensitive topics such as overgrazing, desertification, poaching and illegal wildlife trade, decentralization and general questions on animal husbandry from the perspective of different species are motivating this discussion. Thus it is for our very pleasure to announce this open call for artistic projects:

Call for proposals LAM 2014
Зарлал Л а н д А р т М о н г о л и я 2 0 1 4 

                                                    Photo: Amira Fritz

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Sanat Dünyamiz Magazine 137

The world through a circle
Elements real and reflected
Concentrated, encompassed
The sky brought down
A hole through the earth, either way
Drawing in a glance
And then a second look
And more.
The world focuses
And spins out again, seen.

- Nancy Holt: The world through a Circle (1970).

Julia Moritz for Sanat Dünamiz

Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Entry submission:

Abstracts of 700 words or less Please note that abstracts for essays over the limit will be disqualified.

Deadline:  Friday, September 27, 2013 Land Art in the context of the 
Theme:     Relationship of men and animals
Award:      Publication in the biennialʼs catalogue due August 2014

                 and/or presentation at the biennialʼs symposium August 2014, in Ulaanbataar


Accepted papers will be announced: by December 20, 2013

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Monday, September 17, 2012

Ulaanbaatar Venues 2012

Opening reception at the Mongolian National Modern Art Gallery

Symposium at the Academy of Science

Reception at the German Embassy

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Participating artists 2012

Maro Avrabou (GRC)  Luis Camnitzer (URY)  Shagdarjav Chimeddorj (MNG) Thomas C. Chung (AUS) Bruce Conkle (USA) Blane De St. Croix (USA) Batzorig Dugarsuren (MNG) Eya Gangbat & Nomad Wave art group (MNG) Sungpil Han (KOR) Marne Lucas (USA)  Anna Macleod (IRL) Michael Müller (GER) Kingsley Ng (HKG) Irene Pätzug (GER) Marc Schmitz (GER) Max Schneider (USA) Dolgor Ser-Od (MNG) Jessica Segall (USA) Dagvadorj Sereeter (GER/MNG) Hye Kyung Son (KOR) Maik Teriete (GER) Natsuko Uchino (JPN) Marcus Vinícius (BRA/ARG) Haiyuan Wang (PRC) Dimitri Xenakis (GRC) Paola Yacoub (LBN)
Tuguldur YondonYamts (MNG)

Saturday, March 17, 2012

curatorial process

We have received a very high number of proposals from around the globe. Thanks to all artists for submitting works. Still the curatorial process is in progress. We will do interviews with the shortlisted artists by end of March. Final selected artists will be announced by mid of April. Thank you for patience.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Curators nominated

Fumio Nanjo. Director Mori Art Museum Tokyo

Anna Brietzke,  Berlin 

Monday, November 7, 2011

MONGOLIA 360° 2nd Land Art Biennial Open Call 2012

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Art and Politics - Contemporary art as spatial politics in light of emerging urbanism in Mongolia

After the successful inauguration of the 1st Land Art Biennial Mongolia 360° in 2010, which explored the potential staging of a Biennial in Mongolia within the context of global art, an international symposium will be hosted to discuss, broaden, and consolidate the context and dialogue of contemporary Mongolian Art in a global perspective. The symposium serves to support bilateral communication and the discussion of accompanying aspects: Art in public spaces / free space – occupied space in an urban context. It will furthermore address questions of sustainability in a broader perspective of cultural change in Central Asia.

To fully grasp the subject matter of spatial politics in contemporary art a broadly interdisciplinary approach to the investigation of land use is necessary. Drawing on smart growth, public policy and development practices as well as conventions in architecture and landscape design, a new kind of art space arises: a virtual, discontinuous, shape-shifting terrain, more conceptual than architectural, with a scope that has already become global. Its conceptual “point of departure” for exploring the inner and outer landscape of the region intrinsically focuses on notions of the ecological sublime.

The organizers of the Mongolia 360° Symposium 2011 have therefore invited a wider circle of artists, researchers, and curators to reflect on different thematic insights into academic and artistic points of view from a geographical perspective. The symposium will structure these positions into thematic sessions that will provide the conceptual backdrop for the events of the Biennial in 2012. The predominant methodology will focus on developing a Central Asian perspective to thwart the implementation of representational conventions used in a Western tradition. In order to do so the curatorial panel will expressively seek a cross-cultural exchange of ideas.

Сэдэв: Урлаг ба Улс Төр – Монголын хотжилтын үүсэлд контемпорари урлаг өргөн уудам бодлого болох нь


Монголд Биннеалыг дэлхийн урлагийн хүрээллийн дор зохион байгуулах боломжийг нээсэн 2010 онд Анх

Art Asia Pacific

Mongol Messenger 7 / Symposium Art & Politics 2010


Monday, September 13, 2010

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Thursday, July 22, 2010


comming soon

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mongolia 360° Curatorial Statement

An importance of the Land Art Mongolia 360° project is found in the emphasis of a correlation of experimentation, spatial site-specific creation and environmentally sound practice. The biodiversity of the Mongolian landscape in one of relative fragility despite the initial appearance of rugged terrain and harsh desert horizons, a theoretical approach has been formulated in cohesion with an aesthetic and philosophical objective to achieve the realization of a project which serves to instigate contemporary art in a nation as vast as Mongolia with its free, democratic vision and engender new conceptions from an experiential discourse between individuals and nature herself.

New physical vistas unique to the region challenge participants with the adaptation necessary in an intrinsic embrace with the distinct natural climate and selection intending to partially demarcate an equivalent diversity of cultural origins within the international body of guests. This hypothetical stance coupled with the actual aesthetic analysis of the proposals which include virtual reproduction, found organic materials, electro-static experiments and the transformation of natural hubris – occasionally fused with technology or industrial complementary or cosmetic alterations- act in service of the legacy of humankind and nature, recalls our past ignorance the destruction so prominent in the later generations of the first industrialized nations of the world. While the mission of the event does not intend to indict the past errors of modern society, LAM 360° does effect a examination of the practices which insinuate that we have erred to an extent of epic proportion, invites speculation that artistic discourse may be as providential as the supposed objectivity given to scientific enquiry.

Aesthetic approaches may no longer remain indifferent or detached from the actuality of experience in the context of nomadism, artistic invention and of a cultural heritage inextricably entwined with the sources of nature as that belonging to Mongolian people. Contextual subversion alongside conceptual deviations from original strategies are inevitable and organic, the individual artist and artistic intention subject to the greater intrinsic force of a land which most have never seen, one which is newly opened to the world with an orientation towards environmental protection and holding the promise of future ecological sustainability in the vision of this democratic nation. Prominence in an experiential context lies in the intimacy and proximity of the citizens of Mongolia with indigenous wildlife, the highest ratio of all nations and the vestige of raw nature in opposition to the urban confines of metropolis more commonly known amidst the situation of exhibiting contemporary art. The artists whom participate and artistic direction of the Land Art Mongolia project have been attentive to develop creative initiatives which prove to not only be highly originally and challenging as regards diversity and experimentation of form and the question of “open space” yet, deserve great merit in the collective sensitization of environment, nature and synthesis of the human experience.

R.A.Suri, Curator MNG 360°

Friday, March 26, 2010

Participating Artists 2010

Anibal Catalan Mexico

Asaki Kan Japan/UK

Batzorig Dugarsuen Mongolia

Beatrice Catanzaro Italy

Cheng Ran China

Chimeddorj Shagdarjav Mongolia

Dolgor Ser-Od Mongolia/Germany

Dagvadorj Sereeter Mongolia

Guido Canziani Jona Italy/Germany

Huang Rui China

Kim Young-ik South Korea

Lap Yip Wing China

Lea Rekow USA

Karin van der Molen Netherlands

Marc Schmitz Germany

Nicole Dextras Canada

Sabina Shikhlinskaya Azerbaijan

Su-Chen Hung Taiwan /USA

Michael Straub Germany

Shinji Turner Yamamoto Japan/USA

Tan Xun China

Tony Ng Hong Kong (China)

Michael Müller Germany

Yeşim Ağaoğlu Turkey

Megumi Shimizu Japan/China

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

We wish all interested followers of MONGOLIA 360° a happy 2010

We wish all interested followers of MONGOLIA 360° a happy 2010.  We have had an unexpected and overwhelming response of applications for the residency from Azerbaijan, Alaska, Belgium, Bulgaria, Brazil, Denmark, China, Chile, England, Estonia, Finland, France, Ireland, Italy, Island, Israel, India, Germany, Hungary, Korea, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Spain, Thailand, Turkey, U.S.A., Japan and Russia (app. 300 entries) Due to the high number of relevant proposals and as the curatorial team is internationally based, the selection process has been delayed. A shortlist of pre-selected artists shall be published by the end of January 2010. Short listed artist shall be interviewed beginning February. 

Friday, October 23, 2009

Biennial Manifesto

A twenty-first-century biennial will utilize calculated uncertainty and conscious incompleteness to produce a catalyst for invigorating change whilst always producing the harvest of the quiet eye.” –Cedric Price

„New biennials should invent new exhibition formats. The current multiplication of biennials means that rather than copying the formats of other biennials, the challenge is to provide new spaces and new temporalities. It is urgent to generate a situation that is receptive to interesting, more complex spaces combining the large and the small, the old and the new, accelerating and deceleration, noise and silence.” –Hans Ulrich Obrist


„..a new start is likely to take place beyond the European continent.“ –Daniel Birnbaum


(All from Flash Art October 2009)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Call for proposals

MONGOLIA 360° 1st Land Art Biennial       Open Call 2010

Questions like sustainability, the perspective of ecology in the 21st century and a new vision of diversity require a creative understanding. In order to develop a new chapter in Land Art and following the nomadic idea of the Walking Museum the Land Art Biennial in Mongolia was founded to be located in variously areas of Mongolia. In August 2010 with MONGOLIA 360° the 1st international Mongolian Land Art Biennial will be take place in the very special location of BAGA GAZRIIN CHULUU Gobi.

The Biennial will discuss a contemporary definition of what Land Art can reveal about the “today’s questions”.

Twenty international artists together with Mongolian artists will be invited for a work residency. During the residency artists have the opportunity to realize site specific works. Artists are suggested to use natural materials of the area but as well any materials and artistic expressions are welcome (installation/performance/earth art/organic art/sculpture etc.) 

A final exhibition including a catalogue and a Symposium will present a documentation of the realized works in the National Mongolian Modern Art Gallery in Ulaanbaatar.

Interested artists are asked to submit applications by the following way:


-            Personal information, contact address, email

-            Current CV

-            Documentation of work, up to 10 jpgs  (not more than 1mb each)

-            General statement by the artist on their work practice.

-            Typed 1 page proposal on approach to residency


Artists who  apply should send a clear proposal including their work plan. Incompletely applications will not be considered.


 Invited artists will be hosted in Ger Camps. They will be supported with full accommodation during their stay in the Gobi desert. However, artists will be responsible for their own return transportation costs to Mongolia. If necessary, artists must apply for travel grants through their national art councils.

 The open call is published on the 1st October. Deadline for submissions is the 15th November 2009. Final selections will be published during December 2009.  


Send email submissions to:        proposal(at)


The Land Art Biennial Organizing Committee, C.A.S. and DUBTSUN Mongolia.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Open call for artistic proposals

Open call for artistic proposals will be published October 05th 2009. Deadline for submissions is the 15th of November 2009

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Perspectives in Land Art. The new challenges we face mean we're going to have to rethink our connections to the planet and to each other. When it comes to creating a new space for building new relationships, the arts are uniquely powerful. Land Art is arising as a new kind of art space: a virtual, discontinuous, shape-shifting terrain, more conceptual than architectural, with a reach that has already become global in scope.
Questions like Sustainability, the perspective of ecology and a new vision of diversity require a creative understanding beside the common white cube art spaces where the arts become more and more condensed by economical force. In order to develop a new chapter in the Land Art tradition since the beginning in the American West in the late 60th and following the nomadic idea of the Walking Museum - the Land Art Biennial in Mongolia was founded to be located in various locations of Mongolia. The Biennial is a forum in search of contemporary definitions of what Land Art can reveal about   “today’s questions”. In order to open a free space of artistic interaction they decided not to restrict the definition of land art by any presets.

 With LAM 360°  the concept for the 1st international Land Art Biennial  was hosted in the Gobi desert in August 2010 .
 As is common for organic processes, the Land Art Mongolia project took years to coalesce. Inspired by a Land Art Symposium in the Gobi Village Bor Undur in 2006 the concept of a collaborative land-art exhibition series was first envisioned by the Mongolian Artists Dagvadorj Sereeterj and the Berlin based Artist Marc Schmitz. In early meetings, members of the Society discussed a  simpler effort to facilitate a partnership between the team in Berlin (KUNSTFORUM BERLIN) and one of Ulaanbaatar  major art institutions: the UMA (Union of Mongolian Artists).
 In June 2009, when Puntsag Tsegmid , executive director of DUBTSUN, stepped in to take over the practical coordination in Mongolia, and an international team joined the Land Art committee with the tasks of  curating, fundraising,  marketing, and much of the program development directed by Marc Schmitz. Since 2012 the organization MNG360° is an official registered NGO in Mongolia with the aim to promote Land Art and the dialog of Art & Politics. Within the rhythm of a Biennial the festival is carried out every 2 years (2014/2016..) at different locations and held under various thematic issues.