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Sunday, November 10, 2013

3rd Land Art Biennial - CALL FOR PROPOSALS

Land Art Mongolia / LAM 360° focuses on Land Art as one possible form of spatial and outdoor visualization of the relations between nature, culture, and social practices. It promotes freedom of expression in joining people and institutions from all sectors of Mongolian society by meshing their respective backgrounds and perspectives through collaborations of local, regional and international scope. By doing so LAM 360° would like to incite an advanced discourse on cultural and social policy which will take up aspects of environmental and social sustainability. A strong emphasis on the most vulnerable sectors of society in Mongolia will be put in a broader perspective of cultural change in Central Asia.

To put it in more abstract and less site-specific terms, looking at relationships between men and animals evokes questions regarding ethics, politics and power, but also subjectivity. ”Becoming-animal”, a concept of Deleuze and Guattari, means a process and a method. "To become", writes Deleuze, "is not to attain a form (identification, imitation, Mimesis) but to find the zone of proximity indiscernibility, or indifferentiation where one can no longer be distinguished from a woman, an animal, or a molecule - neither imprecise nor general, but unforeseen and non-preexistent, singularized out of a population rather than determined in a form".

The third edition of Land Art Mongolia / LAM 360°, taking place in August 2014 in the  Orkhon valley nature reserve, will be guided by the theme “men & animals”. Sensitive topics such as overgrazing, desertification, poaching and illegal wildlife trade, decentralization and general questions on animal husbandry from the perspective of different species are motivating this discussion. Thus it is for our very pleasure to announce this open call for artistic projects:

Call for proposals LAM 2014
Зарлал Л а н д А р т М о н г о л и я 2 0 1 4 

                                                    Photo: Amira Fritz

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