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Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Art and Politics - Contemporary art as spatial politics in light of emerging urbanism in Mongolia

After the successful inauguration of the 1st Land Art Biennial Mongolia 360° in 2010, which explored the potential staging of a Biennial in Mongolia within the context of global art, an international symposium will be hosted to discuss, broaden, and consolidate the context and dialogue of contemporary Mongolian Art in a global perspective. The symposium serves to support bilateral communication and the discussion of accompanying aspects: Art in public spaces / free space – occupied space in an urban context. It will furthermore address questions of sustainability in a broader perspective of cultural change in Central Asia.

To fully grasp the subject matter of spatial politics in contemporary art a broadly interdisciplinary approach to the investigation of land use is necessary. Drawing on smart growth, public policy and development practices as well as conventions in architecture and landscape design, a new kind of art space arises: a virtual, discontinuous, shape-shifting terrain, more conceptual than architectural, with a scope that has already become global. Its conceptual “point of departure” for exploring the inner and outer landscape of the region intrinsically focuses on notions of the ecological sublime.

The organizers of the Mongolia 360° Symposium 2011 have therefore invited a wider circle of artists, researchers, and curators to reflect on different thematic insights into academic and artistic points of view from a geographical perspective. The symposium will structure these positions into thematic sessions that will provide the conceptual backdrop for the events of the Biennial in 2012. The predominant methodology will focus on developing a Central Asian perspective to thwart the implementation of representational conventions used in a Western tradition. In order to do so the curatorial panel will expressively seek a cross-cultural exchange of ideas.

Сэдэв: Урлаг ба Улс Төр – Монголын хотжилтын үүсэлд контемпорари урлаг өргөн уудам бодлого болох нь


Монголд Биннеалыг дэлхийн урлагийн хүрээллийн дор зохион байгуулах боломжийг нээсэн 2010 онд Анх

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